Below is an ever-growing list of terms,

abbreviations and phrases found thoughout the Asda 2 servers.

AoE Area of Effect - Refers to the radius surrounding the target; A player may use the AoE to fight multiple foes at once, potentially increasing his experience and/or monetary gain per time frame played.
AP Assisant Producer (Aris).
Capping Describes when a player reaches the maximum level allowed in-game (level cap).
CoC Castle of Chess.
CL Conquest Land.
DC; D/C Disconnected - Refers to a player leaving the game server, whether by choice or by mishap.
DD Damage Dealer - A title given to a player belonging to one of the Warrior sub-classes, in which a two-handed sword (generally accepted as the strongest weapon type) is used by the player to inflict absorbent amounts of damage.
EM Exchange Market - A player-operated marketplace that allows users to buy and/or sell goods for their own set price.
Farming Usually divided into two categories (Gold Farming and Exp Farming), the term refers to players fighting the same foe repeatedly, in an effort to accumilate wealth, or to raise their level.
FW Faction War - A team PvP event held daily between two opposing forces (Light and Dark).
Grinding A common term amongst MMO's, grinding refers to players who fight enemies for extended periods of time (without being directed from a quest or event), in an effort to achieve a higher level or acquire a great sum of wealth.
GM Game Master.
Lag Lag refers to a lapse in time and data memory between the user's computer and the game server.
Lvl Level - May refer to a player, or a monster.
MW Mining War - An event held in-game.
OHS/1HS One Handed Sword - Used by the "Swordsman" warrior sub-class.
QP Queen's Palace (Palace of Queen).
SC Sunny Coast.
SM Soulmate - See the Soulmate page.

Two Handed Sword - a weapon used by one of the Warrior sub-classes. Commonly associated with "Damage Dealers (DD)" See above.