Crafting is one of the side-skills available throughout the game. Players can create numerous items, ranging from elixers to many different armours and weapons, all intended to help the player. The crafting system was reintroduced from the original Asda Story, with a couple of tweaks and overhauls. Players should utilize the crafting system whenever possible, for, if planned out correctly, It may be performed free of charge. In this sense, the user may recieve free items, some of which are of substantial worth.

Where To StartEdit

While there isn't a guide on how to craft in-game, it's fairly simple to pick up for any level. Crafting doesn't revolve around a player's combat level; rather, the skill has it's own levelling system, with higher levels allowing for a broader range of recipes to master and produce with. Therefore, this skills appeals to many low-level players, who may be financially unstable or are seeking a profitable, safe source. Crafting involves using various materials to form the desired item in return. These materials include reagants, armour/weapon shards, armour/weapon stones, crystals, and a variety of other substances. The types of materials needed varies in-part to the item desired; armour stones and shards will be used for armours, and so forth. With this in mind, users can guess as to what materials they generally will need. The in-game encyclopedia has a detailed list of items that can be crafted, and the materials needed to craft them. Once the user has acquired the recipe desired and the matching materials, he/she must take it to the town blacksmith, and select the crafting button in the bottom-right corner of the NPC bubble. From there, the user can craft his/her desired item.