Novice is the base Class in the game that everyone starts with, The Novice has only 2 skills, 1 for melee and 1 for ranged, The Novice does not start with any Magic skill. You cannot change from a novice till you reach level 10 where you can start your class change quest to advance into the class of your choice.

Warrior Edit

The Warrior job is known for being able to cause massive amounts of damage in Asda 2. There are three types of Warrior each with its own Skill Tree and purpose. They can wield One-Handed swords and shield, Two-Handed Swords, or a Spear.

One-Hand Sword WarriorEdit

The One Handed Sword Warrior is mainly associated as being the tank. They have the higher defense than any other class due to them being able to wield a shield. They commonly use the Splinter skill in order to be able to attack many mobs at a time. Also they have the lowest damage of all the jobs.

Two Handed Sword WarriorEdit

The Two Handed Sword Warrior is mainly associated as being the Damage Dealer. It wields a sword that uses both weapon slots and is able to cause large amounts of damage, but lacks the defence needed to be a tank.


The Spearman is known for its quick attacks and ability to quickly cause damage. Their defence is the lowest of the three Warrior classes but easily makes up for it with its speed.

Archer Edit

The Archer is mainly associated with Damage Dealing and speed. There are two types of Archers; one of them is the Bow Archer, and the other is the Crossbow Archer.

Bow ArcherEdit

The Bow Archer wields a Bow and a Quiver. It is able to do great amounts of damage in short periods of time, but lacks the defense necessary to hold aggro.

Crossbow ArcherEdit

The Crossbow Archer (Xbow Archer), or "Shooter," as the game calls it, wields the crossbow and is able to deal a greater amount of damage than the Bow Archer, but is slower than the Bow Archer. It lacks Area of Effect (AoE) attacks, but inflicts much more damage to single targets. The Crossbow Archer is recommended for any player that would prefer to play this game solo.


There are 3 diffrent Types of Mages, the Attack mage, Support Mage and Healing Mage, each has there benafits and flaws, but each are really powerful for what they are made for.

Attack MageEdit

The Attack Mage Can have some of the highest damging moves in the game, it is the most powerful of the 3 Mage classes aswell with its focus on DPS and High Damage hitting moves, but it doesnt have as many buffs or healing as the Support or the Healing mage does.

Support MageEdit

The Support mage is a vital asset to any party, The support mage skills are focuesd around boosting the satst of the whole party aswell as shielding them from damage with barrier skills. But the Support mage only has 1 Healing ability and has very few powerful attacks late game.

Healing MageEdit

the Healing mage is focued in healing allies in battle they work best in partys. The Healing mages skills are focused in Healing skills, they also have buffs that help keep allies alive longer aswell as shielding from damage. they lack many high damageing attack aswell as buffs but there healing is the best of all 3 of the mages.