Patch Cat of Courage

Patch Cat of Courage

Patch Cat of CourageEdit

Level 10

HP: 415

Location: Alpen ( X: 450 Y: 380 )

Drop ListEdit

Item Name Rarity
Blank Scroll Common
D-Armor Stone Common
D-Rank Essence Common
D-Rank Reagent Common
D-Weapon Stone Common
HP Potion Common
Large MP Potion Common
Cat Token Common
[Booster] Armor (Common) Common
[Booster] Lv13 (Common) Common
[Booster] Lv13 (Uncommon) Uncommon
[Booster] Lv13 (Rare) Rare
[Recipe] Attack Staff of Alpen Common
[Recipe] Pants of Alpen Warrior Common
[Recipe] HP Elixir Common